Deck Post Installation Best Practices

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Searching for deck post installation tips and best practices? The frame of your deck is made up of three main components, which include the posts, the beams, and the joists. Each part plays an important role in ensuring the structural integrity of your deck now and in the future.

Keep in mind that once your cedar or composite deck is fully installed, going back to fix issues with the posts will be extremely challenging. That’s why this needs to be done the first time properly.

While it may not seem like that big of a deal when constructing the framing of your deck, if you want it to last, this is a part you must pay attention to. Remember, one of the best ways to minimize issues and potential problems in the future is by hiring professionals to handle this for you.

Deck Post Installation Considerations

The posts used for your deck are often a prominent visual feature. With proper planning, it is possible to use the posts to help transform these functional components into a decorative design feature.

During installation, it is important to pay close attention to how the posts go into and how they are connected to the other framing components. Best practices require the use of six-by-six structural posts for wood decks. While some steel supports can be used in certain situations, wood is the most common option.

The posts will be cut to receive the two by 10 or two by 12 joists that are used. Once in place, ledger lock bolts are used to connect the joist and post. Simpson hangers or mechanical fasteners should be used to ensure a secure hold, and structural fasteners are used to fasten the joists or rim plates to the structural posts.

Your Kansas City deck builder will also need to know how to properly pour concrete deck piers for you project.

The Importance of Deck Post Size

Some contractors will simply use four by four scrap wood to save time and cut costs as the “deck post,” with no structural connections. While gravity may work in their favor for a while to keep the deck in place, this won’t last long.

Typically, decks should be built using four by four posts; however, other options include four by sixes and six by sixes. Sometimes, depending on the deck and conditions where it is being built, even larger posts are needed. This is something that will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Many people opt not to use four-by-fours because they seem too weak and skinny, even if they are structurally sound.

It is fine to use bigger posts if you want to create a bulkier appearance. Keep in mind that the post size you choose will also impact how far the beam spans from one of the posts to the next.
You must ensure each post is secured, plumb, and cut to the proper length.

Why Deck Post Installation Is So Important

Each component of your deck will work with the others to create a quality, stable structure you can enjoy for years to come. If the posts are not the right size, type, or installed the right way, this can cause serious issues for your deck both now and in the future.

When you hire professionals for deck construction, you can feel confident the posts will be installed properly and be able to handle the load the deck receives.

If you aren’t sure about deck post-installation or aren’t sure how to do it properly yourself, let the professionals handle the job. They can help ensure your deck posts are the right size, height, and properly secured to the other framing components. This is going to help prevent potential stability issues in the future, too.

If you are thinking about a full deck replacement and want to do it right, please contact our professional team of local Kansas City deck builders today.