Patio & Deck Financing for Kansas City Outdoor Living Projects

January 23, 2020
Patio & Deck Financing for Kansas City Outdoor Living Projects

Are you searching for information on patio or deck financing in Kansas City?

Note: Heartland Decks does not offer financing at the moment (we are working on it)

Over the years we have seen so many people that wish to have the home of their dreams but they try to finance it out of their salary or W-2 earnings.

The budget or the cost of the home projects become so big that often homeowners resist doing the projects and most likely never do the projects at all.

There are so many ways to accomplish getting home projects done by financing them within your Kansas City mortgage, while simultaneously increasing the value of your home.

$100,000 Outdoor Living Project Example

Let’s just say that you have $100,000 of equity in your home and you want Heartland Decks to build you a beautiful deck and outdoor living space.

Let’s say that between the deck and the outdoor living space that costs $75,000. And let’s say that Heartland Decks built this entire project from start to finish and once all the work was done the value of your home increased by $50,000 by way of a new appraisal.

In this particular case, you borrowed $100,000 out of your mortgage, while simultaneously reducing your current mortgage rate by let’s say 1% or maybe even 1.5%.

This would, of course, reduce your payment and give you cash out of $100,000 of which you only spent $75,000 to improve the home by building a deck and outdoor living area – with $25,000 cash to spare.

Borrowing $100,000 on the house on 30 years at 4% interest would cost you roughly $475 a month.

But if you were to reduce your overall mortgage by 1% this would possibly bring down the cost of this $100,000 to essentially $200 a month.

Patio or Deck Financing for Your Kansas City Outdoor Living Project

So, by reducing your interest rate and refinancing your mortgage and using the funds for home improvement, it essentially only cost you $200 a month while improving the property by $50,000.

Combine the financial sense of this transaction with the enjoyment that you will have with the stamped concrete patio or custom deck in outdoor living space and the deck for entertaining and enjoyment of your own home, and at the end of the day you are looking at a $200 a month expense.

We can help you through this financial Journey as well as the Improvement of your home by building wonderfully built decks and outdoor living spaces while improving the value of your home and saving you money along the way.

Contact Heartland Decks today so we can ensure that you get the best deck or patio for your budget and financial goals.