Should I be concerned if my deck builder does not pull a deck permit?

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Embarking on a new deck construction project brings a wave of decisions and considerations. However, the decision to pull a deck permit should never be a question mark. It is a critical step that lays the foundation for a quality and legally sound construction project.

Why Professional Deck Builders Insist on Pulling a Deck Permit

Deck building professionals don’t just build structures; they build trust and safety. This is the reason why seasoned deck builders always insist on pulling a deck permit. The permit is more than a piece of paper; it’s a testament to their commitment to quality and code compliance. It’s an assurance that a second set of professional eyes will validate the work completed, ensuring that the deck built aligns with the promise made to you.

The Risks of a Builder Refusing to Pull a Deck Permit

A builder who refuses to pull a deck permit is waving a red flag at you. There are numerous risks associated with this decision. Primarily, without a permit, there is no secondary check on the work done. If the deck fails or presents issues after completion, you, as the homeowner, are left with no recourse. The deck could be subpar in quality, not level, out of code, or even unsafe. Your financial investment and personal safety could be in jeopardy without the backup of a permit.

The Role of Checks and Balances in Deck Construction

In deck construction, checks and balances are more than administrative formalities; they’re necessary actions to ensure the quality and safety of the deck being built.

When builders pull a deck permit, it acts as an affirmation that the deck will be constructed according to established building codes and standards. The permit serves as an external validation mechanism, offering you the assurance that your deck will meet the necessary requirements and will be inspected for quality and safety compliance.

A decision not to pull a deck permit can lead to several potential issues. It might result in the construction of a substandard or even unsafe deck. Without the checks and balances a permit offers, there’s no guarantee that the deck is built to code or that safety measures are in place. This could result in various problems, from uneven decks to those lacking necessary features like handrails or proper stair heights.

The Red Flags in Deck Building

If a builder asks you, the homeowner, to pull a deck permit, it’s a point of concern. Although it might seem harmless, it could indicate that the builder is not a licensed contractor. This situation can lead to potential issues regarding compliance with building codes and ultimately the quality of the construction.

Moreover, engaging with an unlicensed contractor who refuses to pull a deck permit can lead to a slew of problems. Apart from potential legal implications, it can also result in subpar work and lack of quality assurance. A contractor’s refusal to pull a permit could be a sign they’re not operating a registered business, which is a serious red flag.

Ensuring a Smooth Deck Building Process

A licensed contractor pulling a deck permit means they are officially recognized, insured, and have the necessary approvals to operate. They are accountable to regulatory authorities and are obligated to follow the guidelines and codes stipulated in the permitting process, providing peace of mind for homeowners.

If you encounter permitting challenges in your deck construction process, it’s crucial to address them head-on. You should insist that your builder pull a deck permit, and if they refuse or encourage you to do it instead, it’s probably time to consider a different contractor. Remember, the goal is to build a safe, compliant, and quality deck that adds value to your home, and a crucial part of that process is ensuring the necessary permits are in place.


In the intricate process of deck construction, the decision to pull a deck permit is more than just an administrative procedure. It’s an integral step towards ensuring that your deck is constructed safely, adhering to established building codes, and providing quality assurance.

Key points to remember include:

  • A deck permit provides an important layer of checks and balances during the construction process.
  • Not pulling a permit can lead to a host of potential problems, including subpar work and potential safety risks.
  • If a builder asks a homeowner to pull a permit, it may indicate they are not a licensed contractor, which is a significant red flag.
  • Working with an unlicensed contractor who refuses to pull a permit can lead to potential legal implications and lackluster quality in construction.

As you embark on the journey of deck construction, awareness of these considerations is critical. Remember, the primary aim is to create a safe, durable, and aesthetically pleasing deck that adds value to your home. Ensuring your builder pulls a deck permit is a significant step towards achieving that goal.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the permitting process, or if you’re looking for professional guidance on your deck construction project, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experienced professionals is ready and willing to assist you every step of the way.