How to Install Deck Railing Properly

December 17, 2021
How to Install Deck Railing Properly

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When having a deck installed, there are many factors and components to consider and plan. Because of all the important structural elements, it’s easy to overlook certain aspects of your deck, including the railing.

While this is true, you should never underestimate how important having the right railing system is for your deck stairways and main decking areas. The main purpose of your Kansas City deck railing you have installed is safety; however, it can also add to the beauty and aesthetics of your home. Some of the top reasons to choose a quality, well-built railing for your deck include:

  • Help people balance as they ascend or descent platforms and steps.
  • Prevent serious falls and potential injuries.
  • Provide peace of mind.
  • Increase safety during bad weather.
  • Help when carrying large or cumbersome loads.
  • Keep things from flying off your deck during windy days.

Keep in mind, though, that just installing a railing for your natural wood or composite deck isn’t enough. You have to consider the material of the railing and ensure it is installed to meet code requirements. When you hire our team at Heartland Decks to handle the installation of these handrails, you can feel confident they will meet the local standards for safety.

Our Handrail Systems for Your Deck from Fortress Building Products

When you hire our team from Heartland Decks for Kansas City deck building construction, you will find that we use handrail systems from Fortress Building Products. This company provides a full line of outdoor handrail products.

The material options you have to choose from include:

  • Aluminum
  • Iron
  • Cable
  • Rod
  • Glass

With these handrail systems, you will find that we can accommodate your needs regardless of the look you are going for. This ensures you get the desired aesthetics for your deck.

Aluminum Handrail Systems from Fortress Building Products

One of the most common materials we use for our handrail systems is aluminum. The mainline is AL13, which features solid aluminum construction.

The handrails are sold as six- or eight-foot pre-made balusters. Everything is prefabricated and pre-welded to ensure seamless and durable construction. The pieces of tig welded together, which can be seen at the bottom of the channel, making a solid, seamless system.

There are three options for the top portion of the handrail. You can choose a standard square tubing, wider tubing, or a contoured, rounded top that offers a bit more aesthetic appeal.

Iron Handrail Systems from Fortress Building Products

The iron handrail systems are also solid in six- and eight-foot lengths, pre-welded and fastened. It features a tube-shaped top, which is the only option for this material, and several cap options.

Additional Handrail Material Options

While aluminum and iron are the most popular handrail materials we install, there are other options to choose from too. For example, as mentioned above, Fortress Building Products also offers glass, rod, and cable handrail systems.

No matter what aesthetic or design you want for your outdoor living space, we can accommodate you with the range of handrail systems available.

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There are many important considerations and components when installing a deck. While this is true, it is important to ensure that you don’t overlook the handrail. Be sure to put thought and consideration into this to ensure it meets your needs.

Our team can help you evaluate the options and choose the material that best suits your design preferences. We will also ensure the installation of the handrail is handled professionally and properly to minimize issues and provide the high level of safety and stability this deck component is designed for.

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