The Best Time of Year to Build a New Deck

September 14, 2023
The Best Time of Year to Build a New Deck

Decks can be a fantastic addition to any home. They offer a comfortable space for relaxation, entertaining guests, and enjoying the outdoors. But when is the best time of year to embark on this home improvement project? Let’s delve into the optimal seasons to build a new deck, as well as the considerations you should keep in mind.

Seasonal Considerations to Build a New Deck


Spring is often associated with new beginnings, making it an appealing time for home improvement projects. The weather is warming up, but it’s not too hot, providing a comfortable working environment. However, spring showers can be a concern. Wet conditions might delay your deck-building plans or affect the quality of the work.


Many homeowners decide summer is the ideal time to build their deck. Long days mean more daylight hours to work. However, this popularity means contractors are often in high demand, which could affect the cost and timeline of your project.


Fall offers cooler temperatures compared to the scorching summer months. Additionally, since many homeowners rush to complete projects in the summer, contractors might be more available in the fall. The downside? The approach of winter might hurry some projects, especially in colder regions.


Building a deck in winter? While it might seem counterintuitive due to cold temperatures and potential snowfall, it’s often the period when contractors have the most availability. Plus, because it’s the off-peak season, you might even snag a discount. Ensure the ground isn’t frozen when laying foundations.

Factors Beyond the Calendar to Build a New Deck

Contractor Availability and Costs

As mentioned, the best time of year to build a new deck can be influenced by contractor availability. Summer might seem ideal, but with high demand, you might face longer wait times and increased costs. Always get multiple quotes and consider flexibility in your timeline to potentially save money and ensure quality work.

Material Considerations

The time of year can also affect material availability and prices. For instance, wood prices might fluctuate based on demand, logging seasons, and other external factors. Also, certain materials might be affected by extreme temperatures. It’s essential to discuss with your contractor about the best materials for your deck based on your chosen construction time.

Your Personal Schedule

Your own availability is crucial. Whether you’re DIYing or overseeing a contractor’s work, you’ll need to be available for consultations, approvals, and potential adjustments. Make sure to pick a time of year where you can dedicate the necessary attention to your deck-building project.

Other Important Tips to Build a New Deck

Permits and Regulations

Regardless of when you choose to build your deck, ensure you have the necessary permits. Some localities might have regulations regarding deck size, height, or proximity to property lines. It’s crucial to be aware of these before beginning construction.

Weather Patterns

Consider local weather patterns when deciding on your deck-building timeline. For instance, if you’re in a region prone to early snowfall, starting a project in late fall might not be the best idea. Conversely, areas with intense summer heat might make mid-summer construction less than ideal.

Conclusion: When Should You Build a New Deck?

Determining the best time of year to build a new deck involves weighing several factors. From weather considerations to contractor availability and costs, each season offers its own set of advantages and challenges.

Regardless of when you choose to embark on this project, always prioritize quality materials, skilled labor, and adherence to local regulations. If you’re in doubt or need guidance tailored to your specific situation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help ensure your deck-building project is a success.